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Bomb-blast-resistant building materials
Low Yield Explosives Containers
ROK Blast – Protection for Pipe and Conduit

RPS prides itself on developing protective advancements like no other organization. Lessons from one product line lend themselves to great developments in other areas.

Bomb-blast-resistant building materials

RPS is currently designing new concepts in bomb-blast-resistant structural enhancement materials. By incorporating numerous leading-edge technologies, RPS creates products that protect buildings and, most importantly, people from dangerous explosives and bomb threats.

RPS’s proven method of layering solutions produces materials of incredible strength. First, we use a set of proven materials that will absorb a significant amount of bomb blast pressure, most of the thermal heat signature and shock attendant caused by bulk or light-cased explosives.

Next, RPS applies a remarkable coating that reinforces concrete, fiberglass and other typical rigid wall structures. This amazing material will absorb huge amounts of blast energy. In fact, this new coating has been independently lab tested to absorb blast energy of nearly 160,000 PSI within 10 to 20 milliseconds. By comparison, the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 was estimated far below that figure by a factor of more than 5 times.

Additionally, we use a unique combination of aesthetically pleasing yet rigid building materials that functionally serve as ballistic and blast-resistant wall panels. RPS exclusively combines all of these technologies into a layered defense matrix.

That's still not all. Our team then takes further steps by adding decorative, functional interior hanging curtains that appear like room dividers or wall hangings. These can be designed in any color or fabric choice from silk to brocade and more. These specialized wall hangings are flexible and relatively light. More importantly, they protect building interiors and people from bomb pressure and shrapnel derived from backpack and satchel charges. Common uses include hotels, restaurants and business lobbies.

RPS Low Yield Explosives Containers

ROK Protective Systems is also developing small, lightweight bomb and explosives containers, which can be used by local and federal bomb squads to safely transport low yield pipe bombs and other hazardous explosives usually found at the scene of drug busts. Leveraging our strong experience in blast and explosive-mitigation technologies, RPS will produce these containers so law enforcement personnel can safely transport and dispose of hazardous materials.

RPS ROK Blast – Protection for Pipe and Conduit

The ROK Blast pipe jacket is a comprehensive assembly which is constructed from different components.  These components are a combination of both hard (resistant) and soft (energy absorbing) surfaces.

  • There are 11 components in total and each has a specific location within the assembly.

  • Installations are performed by certified RPS installation professionals. .

  • Installation times vary, but can average between 60 and 90 minutes per linear foot as long as there is adequate clearance around the pipe.

  • ROK Blast also offers a Pipe Jacket bracing and support system

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